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    14 Day Money Back Guarantee!*
    If you download this course and for any reason are not happy with it. Please let me know and I will give you all your money back! *
    Here is just a small selection of what you will learn!
    Learn how to Use the Worlds No. 1 Music production software from scratch in easy to follow video tutorials.
    Learn how to create FULL, catchy tracks like your favourite producers. You do not need to have any musical knowledge to follow this course!
    Learn how to make your electronic beats as loud and as punchy as any other music producer out there!
    The Art Of Beat Hacking
    Learn the in depth secrets behind the software to take your creativity to a new level
    Weekly Coaching calls with Phil to get feedback on all your music!
    Meet other producers, collaborate, share ideas and get your music noticed!
    WEEK #1
    Ableton Fast Track
    (Value: $199)
    • NOTE: This Program Is Taught On Ableton But All DAW's Can Be Used!
    • This program will get you completely up to speed on using Ableton.
    • Simple and easy to follow Step-by-Step system.
    • Perfect for complete beginners or anyone who doesn't have a full understanding of Ableton.
    • Understand all the effects and plugins and more importantly when you should actually be using the plugins.
    • Learn all the secret short cuts the pros use to make them 10X quicker.
    • Learn all advanced techniques in Ableton that will revolutionise your workflow!
    • Learn the 20% of Ableton that you will use 80% of the time to fast track your learning.
    Week #2
    Music Making Masterclass
    (Value: $250)
    • Understand exactly how music is made and the core elements that make up every single track.
    • A Step-By-Step walkthrough of how these elements all work together to create full songs.
    • How to quickly understand song structure and how all songs have different sections which all play a purpose in adding tension and release to your music.
    • My exact system for writing insane drums.
    • How to write chords, melodies and bassline that are memorable and catchy (without needing ANY prior music theory knowledge)
    • Learn all the secret plugins that will allow you to write "radio-ready" chords, melodies and bassline effortlessly every single time.
    • A Detailed Tutorial on how the pros structure their dance tracks and why.
    ...So you know the software and how music is made, let's fast track your success!...
    Week #3
    Learn the art of Beat Hacking
    (Value: $150)
    • Learn a process that took me 7 years to figure out
    • A Step-By-Step Guide that will teach you how to pick apart your favourite music and understand exactly what makes them hits.
    • Learn how to create your own BluePrint you can follow when making music. 
    • This skills will allow you to borrow an idea from any song out there and use it in your own production.
    • Creating your own Blueprint will give you a signature sound and make your music more consistent.
    • This secret tool will give your music more directions
    • Fast track your music production process and understand exactly what needs to be done to any track you are making to make it sound as good as the pros.
    • The secret trick I use steal drum beats, chords and melody ideas from my favourite DJs
    • Learn how to turn your "loops" and ideas into full tracks effortlessly.
    .... Now you know how to consistently write hits like the pros, let's make those hits LOUD!...
    Week #4
    Mixing and Mastering Secrets.
    (Value: $350)
    • A Step-By-Step Tutorial that will take your tracks from sounding quiet to sounding HUGE!
    • Exactly what needs to be done to your music to make it sound clean, tight and louder than ever.
    • How to make your music as loud as any professional track out there using just stock plugins!
    • The step by step process you can follow to do a full professional mixdown without any guesswork.
    • The step by step approach to mastering a track without destroying it.
    • My proven techniques that will work on ANY track in ANY genre.
    • Learn how loud you should aim to get your track so it stands up against all other EDM on the market.
    ....You now know how to make Loud, Punchy Addictive music.... Need any additional help?
    1 ENTIRE YEAR of Q&A with me.
    (Value: $1200)
    • Receive Ongoing Support As You Build Your First couple of Bangers with my new techniques.
    • Get Access To Me Personally On A Weekly Basis (Get any questions you have answered.)
    • Send in any music you have made to have review it.
    • Send me a reference track you would like your music to sound like and let me tell you what you need to do to make your music sound closer to your favourite track.
    • Watch over my shoulder as I go through the music you have made and show you how to make it better.
    • You Get To Hang Out With My Most Successful Students who have already begun to get serious results from EDM Coaching.
    Serum Bootcamp
    (Value: $250)
    • Serum is the most popular Synthesiser on the planet.
    • Synths can be used to make any bass, lead sound you want.
    • This Bootcamp will teach EVERYTHING you need to know about Serum in a simple and easy to follow way.
    • Once you understand Serum you will be able to use any Wavetable synth on the planet as the same principles will apply to all.
    • Create any sound you like and begin to develop sounds that are unique to you.
    ...Now you know how to use Serum, why not take a sound design course so you can recreate any sound you want from scratch...
    Sound Design School
    (Value: $199)
    • Learn how to hear a sound and recreate it on Serum.
    • Sound design made easy. Learn to recreate simple sounds to more complex sounds in a step-by-step format.
    • Train your ears to know exactly what has gone into your favourite sounds.
    • Get a much deeper insight into sound design and skip 3 years of "messing around".
    Community Mastermind
    (Value: $499)
    • We Stay In Constant Communication In A Secret Facebook Group Exclusively For Students
    • Get Access To Me Personally On A Daily Basis (I'll Be Super Active In The Mastermind, Answering Questions, Looking Your Tracks, Helping Out And Coaching You)
    • Receive Ongoing Support As You make insane EDM As Part Of A Community
    • Collab With Fellow Students
    • You'll See What Works For Others And You'll Be Able To Learn From Them First Hand As They Share Their Blueprints And What Results They're Getting
    • You Get To Hang Out With My Most Successful  Students Who are already seeing insane results from the course.
    Perfect Pro Template
    (Value: $99)
    • Download a pro template which is loaded with drum beats chords and Samples
    • Create tracks within minutes in a done for you drag and drop format. This will fast track your learning.
    • Drums ripped from the most famous tracks out there at the moment.
    • Come with a full video explaining exactly how to use the template
    • Template already comes with song sections already sketched out
    • Comes with different instruments loaded on each lane so writing music is like paint by numbers.
    Pro Mastering Chain
    (Value: $49)
    • Done for you master chain.
    • Drag and drop on any track to instantly make it louder and punchier.
    • Comes with a full tutorial showing you how to get the best results in the easiest way.
    • The exact plugin rack I have used on many of my most popular releases.
    Ultimate Tutorial Archive
    (Value: $99)
    • Get access to ALL my previous coaching calls.
    • Watch over my shoulder as I give advice and feedback to students
    • Hours of additional content where I have reviewed other people tracks and given away my top production secrets.
    Ableton Cheat Sheets
    (Value: $99)
    • Top secret shortcuts that all Pro Producers know about Ableton that the amateurs dont.
    • Comes with full training video showing you how to use these shortcuts and exactly what they do.
    • Get 10x better at Ableton with these simple and easy to use shortcuts.
    "I can learn all of this on YouTube."
    • ​This is not strictly true, everything I have learnt in this course has come partly from Books, Courses I have taken, partly from YouTube tutorials and many tricks and tips I have picked up from spending hours on Ableton.
    • ​I can take hundreds of hours off your learning experience by following this course so you can focus on the main thing, creating incredible music and honing in on developing your sound. After all, this is the reason why we all started learning Ableton.
    • ​I guarantee you that there are tricks and tips that you will discover on this course that you will not find on YouTube.
    "I don't want to pay this money to find out I already know everything."
    • If you download this course and do not find your knowledge of Music Production dramatically increases, then I will give you Full money back refund. This is a risk-free gamble!
    "I am not technically minded, and the lessons are probably going to be too complicated."
    • The feedback I have got from this course is how simple everything is and how easy it is to pick up. I have had hundreds of people use this course, and no one has ever complained about the lessons being too technical. 
    • ​Feel free to check out my youtube channel to see more of my teaching style
    "All the great DJ's just messed around until they learnt everything, I am going to do the same."
    • ​Yes, we have all watched videos online where DJ's like Martin Garrix, Avicii and Skrillex all just worked stuff out for themselves. However, they all put in about 100,000 hours of work in before they got discovered. You can, of course, take this route but why bother when you could shred out all the boring learning bit and focus all your time on the fun stuff like creating incredible music and discovering your sound which could get you found.
    • ​Why not fast track your route to a career in the music industry by taking this course and learning the secrets and hacks rather than spending 10,000 hours trying to figure it all out for yourself.
    "All I need at this point are better plugins, not another course."
    • ​Once you finish my course, you will not feel like you ever need to buy an expensive plugin again. 
    • ​The music plugin industry is full of geniuses. They make us think we need to buy the next big plugin to make our music sound incredible, but the only people who buy them are people who don't understand how to use plugins properly.
    • ​Once you fully understand how to use plugins it means any further plugins you do buy, you will be able to use soo much better as you will fully understand what you are doing.
    • ​The stock plugins on Ableton are the foundation of all other plugins out there. Once you know these, you will not need other plugins.
    "I enjoy just working stuff out for myself."
    • ​Well then you may not need the course, but you will never know unless you take the risk-free gamble and try it.
    • ​Music becomes a lot more enjoyable when it can be done faster. The reason is that if a song takes you too long to put together, you may have heard the song too many times by the time you finish it and may not be able to be subjective about it. You want to get to a point where you can pump out a track in half the time so by the time you are making changes, and you are not already sick of the song. This course can help you there!
    "It takes years to write chords like Deadmau5 or drums like DJ snake; no course can teach this."
    • ​Actually, it can be taught. In this course, I will be showing you some incredible techniques to get amazing drums, chords, rhythms done in hardly any time at all. Once you can create music in half the time, you will find your music writing massively accelerates.
    • ​Not only this but you will be able to create several versions of a track in half the time it usually takes you to write one track. This means you will have so much more variety to put into your music.
    "How will I find my style by copying lessons everyone else is doing?"
    • ​This course has been created as much to inspire you as it has been made to teach you incredible techniques that will make your music stand out from the crowd. I guarantee that this course will give you an entirely new pallet of ideas to take and apply to your music.
    • ​Ultimately the thing that will provide you with your own unique style of music is your taste. If this course helps you to make music that fits in with your taste, then it will only help push you closer to developing your musical style.
    "I am not technically minded, and the lessons are probably going to be too complicated."
    • ​The feedback I have got from this course is how simple everything is and how easy it is to pick up. I have had hundreds of people use this course, and no one has ever complained about the lessons being too technical.
    • ​The feedback I have got from this course is how simple everything is and how easy it is to pick up. I have had hundreds of people use this course, and no one has ever complained about the lessons being too technical.
    • ​Feel free to check out my youtube channel to see more of my teaching style.

    *This only applies to people who have completed less that 15% of the course. You cannot complete the course and ask for you money back.

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