1. Introduction

Thank you for enrolling in my mentorship program. I'm dedicated to ensuring you're satisfied with the guidance and insights you receive. If you're considering a refund, please take a moment to understand the policy outlined below.

2. How to Reach Me

Main Contact: For refund inquiries or any other questions, you can text me at +447850740350. I'll do my best to reply within 24 hours.

Secondary Contact: If it's pressing and you've already tried reaching out via text message, please email me on

3. Refund Policy

When you enrolled in the mentorship program, you signed a contract. After signing and making the initial payment, you gained immediate access to exclusive content. Since there's a possibility you've consumed this content, I'm unable to offer refunds from that point onward. I've implemented this to maintain the program's integrity and fairness.

4. A Personal Request

If you have concerns or issues, I kindly ask that you communicate with me directly before approaching your bank or payment provider. This will enable a smoother resolution, and it's always my priority to address any concerns you might have.

Any Questions?